Changing the Market

Khaya Power believes that the market will not be quickly changed by large infrastructure projects rolling out traditional grid networks over large geographical distances

We believe the domestic marketing the developing world will be driven by small projects that have very small payback periods, and that generate positive cash flow very soon in the investment cycle.

Our 1st product offering will focus developing a charging solution on Public transport for passengers to charge their phones at a arms reach.

Our Second product offering is to harvest energy from Public transport store it in rechargeable battery banks and sell the energy to passengers for a very small fee by swapping out the Power banks.

Our Third product offering is to provide clean cooking stoves, fuel and a Oven that can be powered by the power bank.

We thus can change the market one community at a time. The battle is won training and equipping entrepreneurs to service their own community profitably. Our goal is to create jobs for 5,000 entrepreneurs and to build a power network that is known for its ability to service individual needs rather than be known for the amount of power they generate.

This is social innovation at work and will be a catalyst for changing many other aspects of the impoverished citizen’s lifestyle.