Global Challenge

The most promising startups.

The greatest challenges.

16 leading cities.

One Challenge Cup.

The Challenge Cup  is a global competition to identify and cele1776_challengeFestival_logobrate the most promising startups tackling the biggest challenges. The competition will centre on startups innovating in four primary categories: education, health, energy, and smart cities.

The competition will identify the startups with the potential for transformative solutions to seemingly intractable problems, highlight exciting developments happening in areas of global importance, and spotlight the global startup ecosystem, with an emphasis on key cities around the world.

Khaya Power won the Energy Category in Cape Town in March 2014 and will represent Cape Town with 16 other cities around the world in Washington DC in May 2014.

Challenge Cup: Energy Category

The Challenge Cup is looking to find the most promising startups disrupting any phase in the energy life cycle as well as other creative solutions to efficiently consuming the world’s energy.

Startups in this category including any that are innovating in:

  • Production
  • Renewable sources
  • Efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial spaces
  • Storage and transmission
  • Smart grid and smart things
  • Data analytics
  • Marketplaces (how consumers choose preferred energy sources)
  • Natural Resources