After 6 months of testing Khaya Power settles on a simple LED light design.

The question of getting a light that would be low on energy usage, provide sufficient light and yet be durable and inexpensive was always a challenge for Billy Hadlow, founder of Khaya Power.

“In the past we have used 1,5 Watt downlighter globes. They are going down in price and are LED, but we found that they did not light a full room and they were manufactured from glass. What we were looking for was more like a flourescent tube in shaped but driven by LED technology.”

“Our breakthrough came when we found a small pipe extrusion plant in Somerset West, who was willing to use recycled food packaging with a small quantity of opal coloring. This provided us with a very low cost tube that could be used with a normal low powered LED strip. This comes in at a fraction of the cost of the imported LED Fluorescent tube replacements. We are talking of a 1/10 of the price”.

Khaya Power has tested the lights and we are getting over 100 lumens of light in 350 mm tube mounted overhead, with no heat shadow issues. One recharge of a standard Juz Box will provide close to 30 hours of lighting for one tube.

The lights are now starting to be produced in volume and will be extensively field tested during the Pilot Program over the next 2 months.

Each Starter Pack that is issued to a new customer will include one of these lights but they will be separately available for price of R50 each.

“One more piece of the puzzle has now fallen into place” added Billy. “We feel confident that the package we are offering is getting better each day”.