KP Training

First Fully Automated Pilot Project ready to roll

Khaya Power last week completed operational testing of their “new” Franchise Point of Sale system. This testing was down with the developers Globetom from Centurion in Gauteng.

Khaya Power’s Power Pack recharge program is managed by GP3, a cloud based asset and voucher management system. It has been adapted from an already successful Mobile Phone Voucher distribution system that operates in a number of countries in Africa and manages distribution of Vouchers for all the major networks.

The testing involved setting up the first franchise on the system, commissioning a Wireless POS terminal and allocating a fleet of Juz Box Power Packs to the franchise.

Khaya Power has been running a “limited” manual pilot since December and look forward to now adding our existing customers to the database as well as adding new customers to the system.

Each customer is fully tracked in the system and all Power Packs out on rental are tracked and tagged.

The staff found the system to be easy to use and are happy that the manual tracking forms are something of the past.

Pictured are the trainees in the newly kitted out container in Plankenbrug, right next to Ekaneni, where 2,000 people live in shacks that are not serviced by electricity.